October 20, 2023

Check out our latest news on occupied Palestinian territory:

11.30.2023 – Hospital staff prevented from providing healthcare as death toll rises in the West Bank

11.30.2023 – “We bore way more than what we can bear, more than what any human can bear.” – ActionAid tells of the urgent need for a ceasefire in Gaza, where entire cities have been devastated.

11.29.2023 – Cease Fire and End Occupation

11.27.2023 – Women facing the strain in southern Gaza’s overcrowded camps as new pause extension announced.

11.22.2023 – ActionAid responds to the announcement of a four-day pause.

11.21.2023 – ActionAid partner Al-Awda Hospital hit by bombing, killing three doctors.

11.20.2023 – “Children were killed. I was separated from my parents. I kept on running.” – Gaza’s children facing unimaginable trauma on World Children’s Day.

11.18.2023 – One-hour evacuation order of Al-Shifa Hospital a death sentence for hundreds of critically ill patients and displaced people.

11.16.2023 – “We look at babies losing their lives because we have nothing.” Vital services in Gaza grinding to a halt without fuel.

11.14.2023 – Southern Gaza is “becoming a breeding ground for epidemics and disease” as the threat of waterborne illnesses sharply increases.

11.13.2023 – Doctors deliver babies against all odds at northern Gaza’s last operational hospital.

11.11.2023 – The lives of 39 babies hang in the balance, says ActionAid.

11.09.2023 – What use is a four-hour pause?

11.09.2023 – Response to announcement of four-hour daily humanitarian pauses in Gaza.

11.09.2023 – “As a mother, I have been running from one place to another, escaping from one place to another, just to save my life and the lives of my children.”

11.08.2023 – Ancient tradition of olive harvesting under attack in West Bank: “They have prohibited us from entering the land to harvest the olives… More than once they shot at us.”

11.07.2023 – “Without the resounding voice of the international community demanding action, these patients may not leave the hospital on the path to recovery but instead in a body bag.”

11.06.2023 – Northern Gaza Residents Struggle on the Brink of Starvation and Disease as Food and Water Supplies Dwindle to Near Depletion.

11.02.2023 – “These newborn babies could simply die”: Thousands of lives at stake as hospitals in Gaza issue desperate plea and fuel stocks run almost empty  

11.01.2023 – Gaza Hospitals Desperately Appeal for Fuel Aid, Facing Imminent Power Loss

10.31.2023 – Women are going without urgent medical care in Gaza due to minimal aid supplies and damaged infrastructure.

10.30.2023 – Hundreds of patients trapped as bombing hits the doorstep of Al-Quds hospital in Northern Gaza

10.29.2023 – Families may face death by dehydration as the world watches

10.27.2023 – URGENT: Gaza Under Attack – Call for a Ceasefire Now!

10.27.2023 – Crisis in Gaza: Communication Cut-off Raises Grave Concerns Amid Escalation – We have lost contact with our colleagues.

10.26.2023 – Families in Gaza are running out of food as bakeries run out of fuel; “Those who survive the bombings may die from starvation instead.”

10.25.2023 – Jenin Mother Reveals Heart-breaking Impact of Israeli Raids in West Bank Refugee Camps: “Our children sleep with their hands raised”

10.24.2023 – Gaza on the brink as fuel runs out

10.24.2023 – Hospitals have 24 hours left to treat children, the wounded, and the dying – fuel must be delivered to Gaza’s hospitals within 12 hours; lives are at risk 

10.23.2023 – Deadliest night in Gaza: “Children, babies in incubators, and pregnant women will lose their lives if fuel is not provided to hospitals in Gaza.”

10.22.2023 – Journalist deaths in Gaza are a grave violation of the right to life and freedom of expression.

10.22.2023 – ActionAid comments as Israel steps up strikes on Gaza.

10.21.2023 – Seven hospitals running out of lifesaving fuel as “shameful” level of aid reaches Gaza.

10.19.2023 – Insufficient aid will lead to more innocent deaths in Gaza, says ActionAid.

10.18.2023 – As the U.S. Veto Stalls UN Resolution for Gaza, ActionAid calls for Humanitarian Action and Accountability.

10.18.2023 – Terrified families returning to Gaza’s North: “We would rather die in dignity in our own homes.”


10.17.2023 – Horrific Breach of Humanitarian Law: Gaza’s Al Ahli Al Arabi Al Ma’amadani Hospital, a Civilian Sanctuary, Bombed in Single Biggest Strike in Conflict So Far.

10.17.2023 – Lives in Peril: Gaza’s Pregnant, Nursing Mothers, and Children Face Imminent Danger Amid Desperate Water Shortage.

10.16.2023 – Evacuation orders for 22 hospitals across Gaza “a breach of international law,” ActionAid warns.

10.15.2023 – Thousands in need at Rafah border crossing, urgent appeal for humanitarian assistance, says ActionAid.

10.14.2023 – Pregnant women faced with an impossible choice in Gaza, says ActionAid.

10.13.2023 – ActionAid partner Al-Awda Hospital in Gaza given orders to urgently evacuate.

10.13.2023 – ActionAid is horrified by the unprecedented order to expel 1.1 million Palestinians from Northern Gaza.

10.12.2023 – Civilians are not pawns in war games and must be protected, ActionAid says, as staff member loses their home in the Gaza bombing.

10.11.2023 – Opening of safe humanitarian corridors and de-escalation of hostilities, are crucial to alleviating the suffering of millions in Gaza, says ActionAid.

10.10.2023 – IMPACT UPDATE: Gaza in Crisis

10.10.2023 – People living in fear as humanitarian crisis deepens in Gaza, says ActionAid.

10.8.2023 – ActionAid’s reaction to the escalation in violence along the Israel-Gaza barrier.

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