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Hi Friend,

It’s been an unbearable couple of weeks. Whether you’ve asked your representatives to demand a ceasefire in Gaza or donated to our emergency fund, we thank you for your continued solidarity and action during this devastating time. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been glued to social media and the news and have been outright enraged by the level of disinformation and violence coming through your screens.

To help cut through the noise, we invite you to hear directly from our staff and partners in the region who have on-the-ground and firsthand experience. Staff like Riham Jafari, of ActionAid Palestine, who is calling out the critical need for fuel delivery to prevent the loss of many more innocent lives:

“Hospitals are relying on fuel-powered generators for their electricity. Fuel and medical supplies should be provided now to Gaza. Children, patients, babies in incubators, and pregnant women will lose their lives if fuel is not provided to hospitals in Gaza.” 

According to the United Nations, Gaza needs at least 100 trucks of aid, per day, to meet basic needs under the current siege. Allowing only dozens of trucks into Gaza over the course of a few days doesn’t even meet the bare minimum. We’re talking about a population of over 2 million people, who have been living under constant bombardment, with no essential relief deliveries, and no signs of de-escalation. 

This extreme discrepancy between what is happening and what is needed to save lives is entirely avoidable. At this moment, we fear for the lives of thousands of people – including our own dedicated staff, volunteers, and local partner organizations.  

ActionAid has staff in Cairo, Egypt, working to procure items including medical supplies, food, hygiene and dignity kits, and other essentials, but there is still no humanitarian corridor open for organizations like ours to distribute this life-saving relief to those who desperately need it.

We stand at a critical juncture, where immediate action can make the difference between life and death for thousands of civilians in Gaza. The situation is dire, and the time for action is now. 

As we confront this evolving emergency, we deeply appreciate your support. Some of you have donated, sent letters, conversed with friends and family, attended peaceful demonstrations, or simply stayed informed – no matter your action, please know that you can make a tangible impact on the lives of innocent civilians who didn’t ask to be caught up in this violence. Your involvement matters. 

For the latest updates and calls to action, please continue to visit our Gaza in Crisis landing page