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Dear Friend,

The past 72 hours have been devastating, and like you, we are mourning the loss of all innocent civilian life – Israeli and Palestinian alike.  

In the days following October 7th, a total blockade of Gaza was announced, depriving an already vulnerable population of more than two million civilians (half of whom are under the age of 18) from all essential goods, including food, electricity, water, and fuel, plunging them even further into crisis and despair.

At the same time, indiscriminate and around-the-clock airstrikes have intensified, creating a dire situation for those forced to endure this collective punishment. There is nowhere to go; there are no safe spaces.

Entire families have been killed, civilian infrastructure has been damaged, and the number of people living without access to clean water and sanitation is growing exponentially. Mass displacement within Gaza is on the rise as people are forced to flee their homes and take shelter in schools and hospitals, our own colleagues included.

ActionAid has been working alongside local partners and vulnerable communities in the occupied Palestinian territory since 2007, and we anticipate that the need for ongoing humanitarian intervention – in this moment – will be greater than ever before.

We are calling for the safe passage of humanitarian aid to those who need it the most and have set up an emergency response fund that stands ready to deliver essential relief as soon as we can.

The stories from the ground are harrowing accounts of a real place, with real people, like you and me. Most of us will never understand what it means to live under blockade, but those in Gaza know it all too well. Your support is essential to the well-being of those caught in violent crossfire. Take action today.