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The Co-optation of “Climate Justice”

September 16, 2022 By Brandon Wu

A decade and a half ago, “climate justice” was presented as a radical alternative to the prevailing narrative about climate change which conceived of the problem as purely an environmental crisis, with relatively simple technical solutions (i.e. faster adoption of renewable energy sources). Activists, especially from the Global South, highlighted…


Patagonia is a unicorn. But it doesn’t have to be. 

September 15, 2022 By Meredith Slater

While much of the corporate sector is out there making claims about social responsibility through greenwashing and pinkwashing and bluewashing, Yvon Choinard has put his money where his heart is. In giving away his entire company, Choinard has truly broken new ground.   Most philanthropic millionaires and billionaires put their money…

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We’re So Not Ready for Melting Ice Sheets

September 13, 2022 By Brandon Wu

A couple of weeks ago, the news circulated that a massive part of the Greenland ice sheet is going to melt regardless of what climate action the world takes. This could trigger up to a foot of sea level rise in the coming decades, which would have catastrophic consequences. As…

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Famine at the door

September 8, 2022 By Alberta Guerra

In a statement on Monday, Martin Griffiths, head of the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs,  said that “famine was at the door” and was likely to occur in south-central Somalia between October and December this year.  But the alarm is not just for Somalia. Many countries are suffering from…

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$9.8 Trillion

September 2, 2022 By Brandon Wu

Yesterday Nature published a new analysis estimating the social cost of carbon in the United States at $185/ton, more than triple the current estimate used by the federal government in calculating the monetary impact of greenhouse gas emissions (and therefore of policies that would reduce or increase those emissions). The…


About damn time a big funder did this… 

August 31, 2022 By Kelly Stone

With devastating floods in Pakistan (where more than a thousand are dead) and Jackson, Mississippi (which will be without safe drinking water indefinitely) and the heatwaves that rocked Europe and the U.S. this summer, climate disasters have continued to be relentless this year. And don’t forget, hurricane season is only…

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The absurdity of carbon capture and storage

August 18, 2022 By Brandon Wu

Proponents of the Inflation Reduction Act claim it will reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030. This is a long way from our global fair share that would be the equivalent of 195% reductions by 2030. It is also heavily premised on expanded usage of carbon capture and…