Saniya Patel

Saniya Patel

Communications Intern

Saniya Patel is the Communications Intern at ActionAid USA. In this role, she curates written content for the website and supports various teams with grassroots engagement via digital channels and grants management.

Saniya is currently a junior at Indiana University Bloomington,
majoring in international studies with a minor in film production and non-profit management and leadership. She has gained previous writing experience working as a journalism intern at L.A. Style Magazine.

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When will women’s rights in Iran be a wake up call?

October 14, 2022 By

If there is one thing that I think the death of Mahsa Amini has proven and re-proven, it is that in Iran, women’s freedom has reached a whole new level of insignificance in the eyes of those in power. This, however, should highlight the increasing importance of protest and standing…