Defend the human right to food!

Defend the human right to food!

Did you know small-scale farmers produce 80% of the world’s food? Yet due to numerous factors, including limited government investment in agricultural development, small-scale farmers and producers are among the first to experience hunger and loss of income during crises like Covid-19.  

ActionAid is working with family farmers and their organizations around the world to transform the ways food is produced, distributed, and consumed. Together we are defending the right to nutritious, accessible, and culturally appropriate food. We are pushing for policies and funding that promote sustainable agriculture instead of the extractive models of farming that dominate. 

One way ActionAid is supporting smallholder farmers is through our involvement with the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program. GAFSP is an innovative, multilateral fund that supports low-income countries to increase investment in agriculture. Watch the video below to see how it works or keep scrolling. 

Here’s how GAFSP works: 

  • The Program partners with UN agencies, development banks, the private sector, and smallholder farmers’ organizations to strengthen food and agriculture systems.  
  • Donor partners contribute to the fund.  
  • Then a country’s government or a producers’ organization, like a farming cooperative or a small business, can work with a UN Agency or a development bank to apply for a grant to complete a specific project. 

What makes GAFSP unique is that civil society and smallholder farmers, alongside donors, development agencies, and country partners, influence the direction of the Program. They review project proposals and have a say in how to allocate funds to countries and farmers’ organizations. 

If you are interested in learning more about GAFSP, or if you or someone you know would like more information on how to apply for funding, fill out the form below to hear from us!   

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