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April 2, 2019

After years of exemplary leadership, ActionAid USA announces the departure of Marie Clarke as Executive Director – with thanks for her years of committed service to the organization. ActionAid USA has benefited immensely from Marie’s thoughtful guidance, wisdom and determination in her eight-year-plus tenure, as first a staff member and then Executive Director. We owe much of the strong and growing position we find ourselves in today to her leadership.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as the Executive Director of ActionAid USA. ActionAid’s critical work here in the US and around the world is more important than ever. I will continue to champion this extraordinary organization as a supporter and an activist, and I can’t wait to be a witness to ActionAid’s continued growth,” said Marie.

ActionAid USA offers our thanks and well wishes to Marie, as she will move on to the role of Vice President for Global Programs at Women for Women International, beginning May 1.

In her tenure at ActionAid USA, Marie oversaw great changes in the organization at a historic moment when global crises and rapidly evolving political upheavals called for ActionAid to mobilize as never before. Rising to the occasion, Marie expanded the policy work of the organization to include dedicated campaign and communications staff, bringing the message of ActionAid to rally new and larger audiences to action. She led the launch of work bridging the issues of justice, equity and sustainability internationally with some of the most critical issues in the United States, including migration, climate justice and the defense of domestic small family farmers. She was a champion for gender equality throughout the federation and its programs. Marie also strengthened ActionAid USA’s organizational sustainability, enabling revenue growth and a stronger contribution to the broader international federation.

“Our gratitude, as well as the sadness we feel at her upcoming departure, is a testament to all that she has brought to ActionAid USA and to the global ActionAid federation. We have full confidence in the leadership of the staff to carry the work forward while we work to find a vibrant new leader for the Executive Director role,” said Diana Duarte, Board Chair.

Caroline Hamric, Director of Operations, will serve as the Interim Executive Director.

A job posting for the Executive Director position can be found on ActionAid USA’s Careers page.