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June 30, 2017

South African activists demand safe taxis for women

Last Saturday activists marched through the streets of Soweto, South Africa, to denounce violence against women in taxis, wrapping up the #SafeTaxisNow campaign aimed at create a safe public transportation system for women. Sparked by recent high-profile incidents of rape and murder of women and LGBTQIA people, the campaign is a part of the ongoing fight for the safety of women and queer folks in South Africa.

Human rights groups oppose Tanzania’s ban on pregnant students

“After getting pregnant, you’re done.” So said Tanzanian president John Magufuli last week as he reaffirmed a law from the 1960s that expelled pregnant students from school. On Thursday a group of human rights organizations issued a joint statement denouncing the ban, emphasizing a child’s right to education and the importance of education in a young woman’s life in Tanzania.

Young Brazilian artist creates record-breaking mural

At 19, artist Luna Buschinelli is set to break a world record for her masterpiece: a graffiti mural towering at 27,000 square feet in downtown Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Depicting a woman recounting a story to a group of children, the mural has stirred the imagination of students attending the school that has now become a giant canvas.