Since our founding, ActionAid has fostered partnerships to build international momentum for social, economic, and environmental justice. These partnerships have traditionally focused on working closely with people living in poverty and exclusion, civil society organizations, social movements, and supporters. Together, we continue to deliver grassroots programs, provide emergency relief, and campaign for women’s economic rights, tax justice, and climate justice. To further and strengthen this work, we are expanding our partnerships to include the corporate sector and ensure they are a part of building a just, equitable, and sustainable world. We aim to partner with businesses who believe in the power of communities and accept that both collaborative and critical engagements are needed to tackle the symptoms of unequal power.

We acknowledge the corporate sector’s role as a catalyst for growth – supporting economic empowerment and employment across communities – and endeavor to ensure that people and the planet are prioritized over profit. We embrace feminist leadership as necessary to drive our collective work forward in core areas where ideologies, systems, and social norms need to change. Our new engagements with the corporate sector will be strategic and aim to be transformational for communities, emphasizing our human rights-based approach through transparent, frank, and authentic partnerships.

There are several ways you could partner with ActionAid USA:

– Programmatic support focused on one of our core issues areas, a country program or a campaign.
– Employee matching gift program that will further the engagement of employees in overall corporate social responsibility
– In-kind donations of goods and products that could further our work or support an emergency response
– Voice and advocacy together to support the building of a just, equitable, and sustainable world

To learn more, please get in touch with Ehab Elsawaf, ActionAid USA Senior Major Gifts Officer, at to discuss how we can partner together.