March 21, 2023

This weekend, floods struck southern Turkey and northern Syria, worsening conditions for earthquake-affected areas, with nearly 1,000 makeshift homes reportedly damaged. Displaced families are already struggling to protect their tents, find sources of heating, and are in need of assistance and food. 

Racha Nasreddine, Regional Director of Action Aid Arab Region, said:  

 “People who survived the earthquake in Northwest Syria are now facing another crisis with harsh weather conditions and floods hitting their communities. The floods are causing significant damage and making their lives more difficult.”

“Desperate conditions are affecting people already facing years of displacement due to conflict, and now the earthquake. Now they are at risk of communicable diseases. This adds another layer to the difficulties and struggles of people who are trying to survive, rebuild and recover.”

In a camp affected by the recent flooding, Action Aid’s local partner, Violet, is responding to the flood by suctioning water through pumps, distributing blankets to affected people, and helping transport families to relatives.  


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Notes to editor  

Racha Nasreddine, Regional Director of ActionAid Arab Region and based in Lebanon, is available for interview.  

Over the last two years, ActionAid and its local partner, Violet, have reached over 20,000 women and girls, and young people with humanitarian relief and protection services. Its projects help to build internally displaced people’s resilience to shocks and build their leadership in the face of disaster.  

Since the earthquake hit, Violet has been providing vital mental health support and safe spaces for women and children experiencing shock and trauma. Through its safe space project, women like Noor have been given mental health support and advice about staying safe in the aftermath of the earthquake.  


Support Families impacted by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

People in the regions impacted by the earthquake already lived in very vulnerable situations, having fled their homes in war-torn Syria. The devastation caused by this tragic disaster will mean they have experienced one disaster on top of another, leaving them in a compounded humanitarian crisis. We are uniquely placed, through our women- and young people-led human rights-based approach, to make a distinct contribution in the response to this emergency, prioritizing highly vulnerable groups, including refugees, female-headed households, and people with disabilities. Take action with us today!