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September 21, 2022

Teresa Anderson, global lead on climate justice for ActionAid International:

“It’s obvious that the costs of climate disasters are going to continue to spiral, and that lower income countries are being stretched to breaking point.

“It makes total sense for tax systems to build in a way for people to recover from the harm caused by the planet’s biggest polluters. It’s all about fairness – why should the world’s poorest communities continue to carry the cost of coping with climate impacts when they have done so little to contribute to the problem? A global tax system that forces climate-wrecking corporations to own up to their responsibility is entirely sensible.

“At upcoming COP27 climate negotiations in Egypt later this year, there will be huge pressure on the governments of the EU and the US to finally agree to a new funding facility to address loss and damage. The proposals being put forward at the UN General Assembly this week show that the funds can be found to help those on the front lines of the climate crisis, and that there is no reason for rich countries to keep blocking progress.”