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September 22, 2022

ActionAid and other organizations campaigning for climate justice are calling for the World Bank’s President, David Malpass, to be removed from his position after he avoided questions from a journalist on climate change and the global impact of burning fossil fuels at an event in New York this week. Our experts explain why the head of this institution needs to be someone who acknowledges and understands the impact of the climate crisis on billions of people worldwide. 

Niranjali Amerasinghe, Executive Director of ActionAid USA, said:

If the head of the World Bank can’t act for the global good, then he is in the wrong job. It’s time to fire Malpass and open up the recruitment process to candidates from countries that really understand the reality of the climate crisis and the urgent need for action.

Hellen Grace Akwii-Wangusa, ActionAid International board chair, said:

It’s outrageous that when asked, the head of the World Bank wouldn’t acknowledge the reality of climate change. Perhaps David Malpass should take time to speak to the billions of people whose lives are being hugely impacted by devastating floods, fires, droughts and crop failure caused by a warming planet. This clear example of climate denialism by Malpass certainly explains why the World Bank has been dragging its feet on vital actions such as halting fossil fuel investment.