March 31, 2017

Trump continues attacks on people and the planet

Trump continued his attacks on the environment, signing an executive order designed to hobble the Environmental Protection Agency and dismantle policies tackling climate change. But rolling back climate action won’t be as easy as he hopes, with the administration’s assaults on the climate, environment, and vulnerable communities set to face many legal and economic barriers.

Anatomically correct seat highlights sexual harassment

Travelers on Mexico City’s subway were met with a new kind of seat. Instead of a back, the seat’s plastic was molded into a person’s protruding torso – all part of a campaign to highlight harassment in public spaces. In Mexico City, 9 out of 10 women have experienced some sort of sexual harassment.

You’re never too old!

A school in India is proving you’re never too old to learn! Women over 60 are being taught to read and write at the school in Phangane in Maharashtra State. “We have started reading, writing and also doing our own signatures.”