May 5, 2017

Women in Uganda fight sexual assault

“Isn’t that what you wanted?” is what the police told Lindsey Kukunda when she reported sexual harassment – because she was wearing shorts. Kukunda lives in Uganda, where she says most assaults take place in busy places, and where the controversial Anti-Pornography Law has increased public policing of women’s dress. Kukunda has launched a grassroots campaign to promote women’s rights and fight against sexual harassment.

Somaliland cancels independence day celebrations for drought victims

The number of individuals needing emergency food and water in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia has risen to 11.1 million. In Somaliland children from rural areas are the worst affected, many of whom have also contracted measles and severe diarrhea. This week President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo canceled independence day festivities, saying, “Instead of celebrating, we will be raising funds for drought victims.”

ActionAid has supported more than 128,600 people with food and water across Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. With low rainfall projections for the next couple of months, food insecurity will persist. To support our response to the food crisis in East Africa, donations can be made at

Feminist rappers take the stage in Vietnam

Hip hop, rooted in Black resistance in the United States in the 1970s, has found its way to Vietnam, where female rappers are challenging the patriarchy with their beats and double entendres. Working to speak their mind while avoiding state censorship, they have garnered more than one million Facebook fans and performed throughout the world. Suboi, known as Vietnam’s “Queen of Hip Hop”, even got to rap for President Obama during his visit to Vietnam last year.