June 2, 2017

Cyclone hits Bangladesh, uproots 200,000 people

On Tuesday, Cyclone Mora struck the southeastern coast of Bangladesh, forcing approximately 200,000 people to relocate to temporary shelters. Among the most affected are Rohingya refugees from Myanmar, whose camps suffered severe damage. The storm followed last week’s deadly floods and mudslides in Sri Lanka.

While heavy rains are typical during monsoon seasons, climate change has caused storms to happen more frequently – and with greater force. ActionAid isn’t currently working in the affected areas, but our local staff in Bangladesh as well as in Myanmar are monitoring the situation closely.

South Africans bring violence against women to national agenda

Following the recent brutal murders of young girls and women in South Africa, hundreds of people have taken to the streets to denounce violence against women. More than half of the country’s femicides are committed by a male spouse or partner. This week Parliament hosted a debate to address the issue, and government officials seek to hold dialogues with constituents in different provinces to fight violence against women.

ActionAid partners with local activists in South Africa to fight discrimination against women – including members of the LGBTQI community.

Mexico elections may have first-ever indigenous representation

Human rights activist María de Jesús Patricio Martínez of the Nahuas has her eyes set on the Mexican presidency in 2018. If she’s able to get her name on the ballot, she’ll be Mexico’s first indigenous female presidential candidate. Skilled in traditional medicine, Marichuy, as she’s also called, has spent decades fighting male chauvinism and advocating for indigenous women’s rights.