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August 20, 2020

Tune in to the first webinar of our series Show Up, Fight Back: Tackling Systems of Oppression in 2020. Laura Hurtado, Executive Director of ActionAid Guatemala, Emmanuel Ponte, campaigner at ActionAid Brazil, and our own campaigner Tristan-Quinn Thibodeau unpack the connections between the fight against land grabs and communities’ struggles for racial justice and freedom from state violence across the Americas.

Why now?

  • In Brazil, lands and forests that traditional communities have worked and lived on for generations in the Cerrado region are being taken and converted into monocrop soybean production for export.
  • In Guatamala, community lands are taken and converted into oil palm plantations, sourcing palm oil for multinational agri-foods companies.
  • In the United States, COVID-19 has revealed how oppressive and exploitative the U.S. food system is, both to family farmers and to workers.

Use this helpful resource doc to follow along.

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