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Brenna Kupferman

Brenna Kupferman

Senior Grants Manager

Meet Brenna! As a Senior Grants Manager at ActionAid USA, she blends her deep understanding of the nonprofit sector with her passion for music. Her expertise shines through her work with US-based foundations and other grant makers to provide support for ActionAid's work around the world.

Brenna's extensive background in fundraising, non-profit management, and strategic planning was honed during her previous tenure at ActionAid USA, where she worked tirelessly to support the organization's mission from 2001-2015. Her experience extends to a wide range of organizations, including The Liriodendron Foundation, Free Speech for People, and GoodWeave International.

But Brenna's talents don't stop there. When she’s not developing and implementing sustainable organizational, fundraising, and communications plans, Brenna can be found teaching piano, performing as a singer/songwriter, or delving into the latest fantasy and sci-fi novels. Her daily yoga and meditation practices help keep her centered and focused on making a positive impact in the world.

Brenna received her BA from Bennington College and a University Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language from Akron University.

Why are you working with ActionAid?   

I work with ActionAid because it is the best organization working in partnership with people and communities around the world to tackle the systems and structures that perpetuate poverty and exclusion. ActionAid acts intentionally with integrity, compassion, and intelligence to provide people with the tools and knowledge they need to make their lives better.  

I’m an expert! Talk to me about: 

Philanthropy; Fundraising; Women’s Rights.  


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