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About damn time a big funder did this… 

August 31, 2022

With devastating floods in Pakistan (where more than a thousand are dead) and Jackson, Mississippi (which will be without safe drinking water indefinitely) and the heatwaves that rocked Europe and the U.S. this summer, climate disasters have continued to be relentless this year. And don’t forget, hurricane season is only just starting.  

That’s why we think the recent Rockefeller Foundation’s announcement that they are going to focus on climate change is exactly right: 

“Climate change poses a singular threat to humanity, and to The Rockefeller Foundation’s 109-year mission of promoting its well-being throughout the world. To meet our mission today, we must directly confront climate change, even as we redouble efforts in our traditional program areas: health, power, food, and equity. To make opportunity not only universal but also sustainable, the Foundation will, in the years ahead, put climate at the forefront of our programmatic, operational, and investment strategies.”

– Dr. Rajiv J. Shah, President of The Rockefeller Foundation 

You can see more about their announcement here.  

Climate change impacts are going to continue to get worse, even if we meet our climate goals, which we aren’t on track to do. Anyone who works on issues like food and agriculture, water security, and human rights is already working on climate change, even if they don’t call it that. Pivoting to work on climate with intention, recognizing the interconnectedness between climate change and every other issue is essential for governments, foundations and really anyone interested in human rights and justice.  

If we don’t address climate change – immediately and with everything we’ve got – it will overwhelm all of the other issues facing humanity.  

In other words, about damn time a big funder did this. Here’s hoping this is a trend.