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October 20, 2022

Today, the European Parliament’s resolution on COP27 gave clear support to widespread demands for this year’s climate negotiations to take action to address loss and damage. This important vote increases pressure on the EU delegation at COP27 to shift its position and agree to provide support to countries recovering from the impacts of climate change.

Responding to these developments Teresa Anderson, ActionAid International’s global lead on climate justice, said:

People across Europe have watched in horror as communities on the front lines of the climate crisis have had their lives and livelihoods torn apart by devastating floods, droughts, cyclones and rising sea levels. There is growing recognition that we cannot leave vulnerable countries who have done little to cause the climate problem to deal with this global crisis on their own.

“Today’s vote supporting action on climate-induced loss and damage reflects the growing pressure coming from its citizens for the EU to take responsibility and act with compassion in the face of the climate crisis. The EU delegation at next month’s COP27 must follow the message sent by the European Parliament and agree to establish a new funding facility to address loss and damage. It’s vital that vulnerable communities can finally receive the support they need to recover and rebuild in the aftermath of climate disasters.”


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  • The resolution text can be found here:
  • Initiated by the Greens and the Left, the EP resolution on loss and damage “Recognises the need for progress on the issue of finance to address loss and damage; calls on Parties to agree on new, adequate and additional sources of public finance clearly prioritising grants in order to address loss and damage associated with the adverse effects of climate change; notes the inherent difficulties in directing private finance towards loss and damage; urges the EU to constructively engage ahead of COP27, including by examining modalities for such a facility, taking into account existing institutional arrangements in developing countries’ proposals to establish a loss and damage finance facility at COP27; calls for loss and damage to be a standing agenda item for future COPs, so that there is clear negotiating space to monitor and make progress on this issue, and for the full operationalisation of the Santiago Network in order to effectively catalyse technical assistance for adequately addressing loss and damage.