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August 8, 2022

Gaza Strip, Occupied Palestinian Territory – Following the Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip this weekend, which resulted in the deaths of 44 Palestinian citizens (including 15 children) and 360 wounded (around half of whom were women and children) according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, andsubsequent ceasefire, Ibrahim Ibraigheth, Country Director of ActionAid Palestine, says:

“While it is good news that a ceasefire agreement has been reached in the Gaza Strip, we fear that this is not the last time such action will be taken. This violence took place amidst mounting escalation across the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

“It is time to end the blockade and stop denying Palestinians their human rights. For 15 years, the Israeli Occupation has made it virtually impossible for Palestinians to travel freely, preventing them from easy access to basic goods, medicines and medical treatment, fuel, and clean water. Hospitals in the Gaza Strip are having to rely on generators when there is no electricity.

“This situation is causing an increase in rates of food insecurity and damages to infrastructure, and putting the lives of Gazans at risk.  

“ActionAid Palestine has staff on the ground in the Gaza Strip, coordinating with partners to provide food, basic hygiene and personal items, and psychological support and counselling to those whose lives have been torn apart by this latest military action.

“ActionAid calls on the EU and the signatories of the UN Geneva Convention to put pressure on Israel to fulfil its commitments to protect civilians during war, in accordance with international law. These and other international agencies must take urgent action to guarantee the end of Israeli policies that result in excessive force against and deaths of civilians, and the illegal blockade.”