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March 17, 2017

Friday, March 17, 2017

Police tear down camp for Nepal earthquake survivors

One month’s notice. That’s what Boudha camp residents had before their temporary shelters were knocked down by the Nepalese government on Tuesday. Officials said they wanted the earthquake survivors to apply for federal aid instead. According to the National Reconstruction Authority, Nepal has collected $2.6 billion in aid from foreign governments and has disbursed only about $250 million to families who lost their homes in the 2015 earthquake.

Death of Guatemalan girls spark protests

“Fue el Estado.” This week hundreds of Guatemalans took to the streets claiming that “it was the state” that caused the death of 40 girls in a government shelter. Solidarity protests took place in New York, and another is planned for next week.

New Zealand recognizes Whanganui River as a person

It’s alive! After 140 years of struggle, the Māori people have won the case for their ancestor, the Whanganui River. In an unprecedented move, New Zealand’s government granted the river the same rights as a tribe member. Having the same legal standing as a person will allow the river to have greater protections and improvements.