December 16, 2016

Evacuations From Aleppo Are Suspended

About 50,000 people are trapped in east Aleppo as evacuations come to a halt on Friday, according to the United Nations. Both the Syrian government and rebel groups have accused the other of breaching the ceasefire agreement that was facilitating the evacuation. The operation started Thursday and was expected to last several days. As Syria’s civil war nears its sixth year, remaining residents of Aleppo are reaching out to the world with farewell messages and calls to action.

Rex Tillerson of Exxon Is Chosen for Secretary of State

On Tuesday US President-elect Trump chose Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. Tillerson, who resigned as CEO of ExxonMobil on Wednesday, faces strong opposition on various fronts. ActionAid opposes his appointment for its triple threat to human rights, democracy, and the future of our planet. Within Congress he’s unlikely to receive support from Democrats, and some prominent Republicans are concerned about his relationship with Russia.

Afghan Rapper Risks Life for Women’s RIghts

Afghanistan’s first female rapper Paradise Sorouri is smashing the patriarchy with her rhymes. Her lyrics, which denounce violence against women, and the fact that she was even making music have drawn fierce criticism from her compatriots. At 27, Paradise has fled her country twice, received numerous death threats, and been beaten on the street by 10 men. She continues to use her voice to stand up for women’s rights.