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March 3, 2017

Pakistan’s first female comedy troupe breaks down gender stereotypes

Her mission is simple: make people laugh. When Pakistani attorney Faiza Saleem started her comedy troupe The Khawatoons, she knew she’d be treading on many toes in a society where even joking in public was inappropriate for women. Even now she sticks to satire and slapstick humor rather than social critique as a way to keep the other young women in her troupe safe. For them, the power of their performances lies in their talents – and the mere fact that they are entertainers who happen to be female.

Ghana commemorates 60th Independence Day with art, soccer match

The festivities have begun. In the days leading up to March 6, Ghana’s Independence Day, Ghanian artists – connoisseurs and creators alike – are showcasing the things they love about their culture and history. Young artists are turning to textiles and other culturally relevant fabrics in their artwork. Besides art exhibits, television will remain a popular form of entertainment as Ghana faces Nigeria in a friendly soccer match to commemorate the country’s 60th year of independence from the United Kingdom.

Australia must protect indigenous women: UN

They need to step up their game. On Monday the United Nations said that Australia must do more to protect indigenous women from sexual violence. Indigenous children are also seven times more likely than their non-indigenous counterparts to suffer abuse. Making up only 3% of the continent’s population, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are disproportionately represented for “every social and economic indicator” – despite being the world’s oldest living civilization.