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Is Rising Global Inequality a Form of Global Apartheid?

September 24, 2015 By

When you hear the word “apartheid”, you probably think of Nelson Mandela fighting against a repressive South African regime. In fact, the word literally means “the state of being apart” in the Afrikaans language. At this moment in America, and around the world, the gap between the most wealthy and…

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A New Life on a Dead River

June 4, 2015 By

Shah Alam comes from the south of Bangladesh, where he fixed river boats for a living. He lived on the banks of a healthy vibrant river. But the waters kept rising and his home collapsed into the river due to erosion. His hope was that the opposite bank of the…

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Preventing Disaster in Dhaka

June 3, 2015 By

When the first Nepal earthquake struck, I was at a meeting in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The quake was so strong that we could feel the earth shaking, even though we were more than 400 miles away. We felt the aftershocks, too. Not only did the swaying buildings elicit a sense of…

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8 Inspiring Women Fighting for Their Rights!

March 6, 2015 By

Sunday is International Women’s Day, and to celebrate women around the world, we want to introduce you to eight amazing women who are fighting for their rights! Around the world, women have less access to land, education, income and healthcare. But despite these injustices, these women are standing up to…