Maleika McNeal

Maleika McNeal

Communications Intern

Maleika McNeal is the communications intern for ActionAid USA and supports its efforts to expand ActionAid USA’s brand reach through digital communications.

She volunteers remotely as a digital mapper with Crowd2Map Tanzania, a nonprofit that maps rural parts of Tanzania to help girls fleeing from FGM. She is a member of Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, an organization with the goal to shape future leaders in foreign policy and international development.

She studied Advertising and International Studies, with a focus on European politics from the University of Alabama. She spent a year in Dublin, Ireland, which really sparked her love of traveling, learning about other cultures, and Irish trad music.

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Young Women in India Rise up for Their Rights

March 7, 2019 By

The Young Urban Women Project is a landmark program we run to support young women to claim their rights. While activities differ from country to country, this groundbreaking program is promoting gender equality and aiming to end all forms of discrimination and violence against girls everywhere, a key goal of the…

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Haitian Farmers Win Concessions to Land Rights Demands

January 11, 2019 By

In the midst of seemingly hopeless circumstances, a group of farmers in Haiti rose up to defend their rights – and won. It’s been nine years since an enormous earthquake hit Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, killing 316,000 people and displacing 1.5 million more. An outpouring of international donations totaling $9 billion…