Katherine Coe

Katherine Coe

Individual Giving Officer

Meet Katherine, our Individual Giving Officer here at ActionAid USA. With a diverse background in non-profit fundraising and development, research and data analysis, and multi-party conflict resolution, she brings a unique perspective to the organization's mission.

Katherine believes we can move the needle on any complex problem with the "right" mixture of good data and good relationships. As a fundraising professional, social scientist, and recovering idealist, she looks forward to strengthening connections with long-term friends of ActionAid, inspiring new supporters to join the movement, and cultivating diverse partnerships to expand our impact. With her sharp analytical skills and her ability to empathize with others, Katherine is an invaluable member of the ActionAid team.

When asked, she’ll tell you she hesitates to say she’s an expert in anything because there’s always more to learn, but she does love learning about mindfulness, anything religious/spiritual, and the practice of yoga. She’s always been fascinated by animals and loves spending time with them (fun fact: she spent six months working at a wildlife hospital in Florida to figure out if she wanted to become a wildlife veterinarian). Ultimately, she didn’t choose that path, but she got to take care of all sorts of animals – the brown pelicans being her favorite. Some of her current “dive in or move on” interests include: vegan cooking, trail running, playing the mandolin, backcountry skiing, recovery memoirs, historical fiction, and the musical group, Phish!

Why are you working with ActionAid?

I am here working for ActionAid because of our bold vision for the future and how our theory of change challenges the traditional “command and control” and colonial ways of thinking about, doing, and fundraising for international development work. It’s RAD- seriously, it’s so rad. And the cherry on top, or maybe the real sundae of it all, is that everyone on the team is profoundly passionate, bright, creative, and kind. 

I’m an expert! Talk to me about:

Sustainable and Resilient Livelihoods; Climate Change; Climate Justice; Philanthropy; Fundraising.


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I’m ActionAid USA’s new Individual Giving Officer! My main role here is to manage our fundraising stream for donations ranging from $25 all the way up to $1,000 and build personal relationships with our supporters. I joined the team a couple of weeks ago, and when I was asked to…