Welcome to ActionAid USA’s Staff Blog

August 18, 2022

ActionAid USA currently has fourteen full-time staff who spend a lot of time thinking about, advocating towards, fundraising for, and generally working towards, global justice. If you follow our website and our email list, you occasionally get to hear from some of us, like me and our Executive Director Niranjali

But we all have a lot to say, especially in this crazy historical moment where historical injustices are overlapping with new crises (COVID-19, climate, democracy, racial justice, and more) in ways that also intersect with our core work as an organization on food, land, and climate, and other aspects of global poverty and inequality.

This is our space for sharing our thoughts and reflections on all aspects of our work, and keeping you and our supporters abreast of the latest developments that affect our common struggles for justice. Please check back regularly to get to know our staff and join us in our efforts to fight for a better world – from national and global policy insights to mobilizations and actions to making the nonprofit sector itself more just and functional.