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The Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) is at a crossroads. After almost 10 years of operations and successful results, it is now in need of being replenished to continue its work. The GAFSP is unique in that it includes civil society and producers’ organizations in the governance of the Fund, and it currently offers the unique opportunity of direct funding to initiatives by producers’ organizations.

This report is a consolidated summary of several reports by civil society organizations assessing the impact of GAFSP projects on women and men small-scale food producers. It builds on the qualitative information collected through focus group discussions, interviews with partners, testimonies of farmers, desk researches, and field visits. This report provides perspectives from civil society on the GAFSP, why it should be further supported by donors, and what priority areas the GAFSP should support after the replenishment.

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Author: Doug Hertzler
Contributors: Mohammad Abou-Ghazala, Niranjali Amerasinghe, Sophia Har, Brandon Wu
Coordinator: Alberta Guerra
With inputs from Lena Bassermann and Danny Wijnhoud
In honor of: Katie Campbell