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The Gambia remains highly vulnerable to external shocks because of a relatively undiversified economy and a heavy dependence on rain-fed crops for agricultural production, imports for food security, and tourism receipts and remittances for foreign exchange earnings. In order to improve agricultural production, productivity, and food and nutrition security, the Gambian government secured funding from The Global Agriculture and Food Security Project (GAFSP) with an objective to reduce rural household poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition through increased agricultural production, productivity, and commercialization.

ActionAid USA, in collaboration with ActionAid International The Gambia (AAITG), commissioned this case study in The Gambia. Primarily qualitative, this study made use of project performance data and information, as well as key interviews with small-scale producers, farmer-based organizations, policymakers, and technical officials.

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Authors: Modou Sarr
Contributors: NACOFAG and FASDEP teams, Alberta Guerra, Marie Clarke, and Sophia Har.
Date Published: April 2019
Number of pages: 20