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May 7, 2024

All parties must do everything in their power to immediately halt the assault on Rafah, reopen all aid crossing points, and ensure an immediate and permanent ceasefire.

We are gravely concerned that the intensified attack on Rafah has led to the closure of all aid routes into Gaza. No humanitarian relief is getting in, creating a dire situation for the 2.2 million people already struggling with starvation, disease, and a severe lack of medical support.  

The chaos of the last 48 hours has left Rafah’s residents in terror and confusion, with nowhere safe to turn. We remind the Israeli authorities that all those who remain or are unable to leave, including people in need of medical care, the elderly, and people with disabilities, are protected under international humanitarian law and must not be targeted.   

The international community cannot abandon them; we are urging you that now is the time to act. All parties involved must do everything in their power to immediately to halt the assault on Rafah, reopen all aid crossing points, and ensure a permanent ceasefire. The people of Gaza cannot wait. We cannot allow this to happen.


For media requests, please email or call 202-731-9593.

Spokespeople are available:

  • Niranjali Amerasinghe, Executive Director of ActionAid USA
  • Riham Jafari, Coordinator of Advocacy and Communication for ActionAid Palestine

About ActionAid   

ActionAid is a global federation working with more than 41 million people living in more than 71 of the world’s poorest countries. We want to see a just, fair, and sustainable world, in which everybody enjoys the right to a life of dignity, and freedom from poverty and oppression. We work to achieve social justice and gender equality and to eradicate poverty.   

Demand a ceasefire now!

The urgency of the situation cannot be overstated: every single day that passes without a permanent ceasefire further deepens this stain on humanity’s collective conscience. The violence must stop, hostages must be freed, innocent captives must be released, and humanitarian aid must flow freely. It is critical that the U.S. takes decisive action to address the catastrophic humanitarian crisis in Gaza and upholds its obligations, bound by international law, to protect civilians in times of conflict. Your advocacy and attention to ongoing violence in Gaza is critical.