November 5, 2021

Glasgow, 5 November 2021 – As the first week of COP26 draws to a close, the climate talks have seen a flurry of high-profile announcements but very little substance.

Teresa Anderson, Climate Policy Advisor at ActionAid International, said: “Week one of COP26 has been marked by a series of glitzy, high-profile announcements from rich countries. But there is a danger this is becoming a negotiations-free climate negotiation. 

“So far, the clamour of governments and industries rushing to commit to new Net Zero pledges and initiatives is drowning out the demands from climate vulnerable countries for real action, support and policy that will help communities already struggling to survive climate impacts. 

“These announcements look shiny but lack substance. The commitment from the financial industry that trillions of dollars are being mobilised to meet Net Zero, is a smokescreen for business-as-usual with no plans to end reliance on fossil fuels. Instead of shaping real transformation, most of these targets are likely to depend heavily on carbon offsets, which drive land grabs and human rights abuses in the Global South. 

“In week two, the focus must come back to the negotiations, building trust and the cooperation needed to limit warming to 1.5ºC and deliver on finance to protect frontline communities.” 

Tetet Nera-Lauron, Senior Climate Lead at ActionAid International, who has been following the loss and damage negotiations, said: “The wealthy countries most responsible for the climate crisis are refusing to take responsibility for the loss and damage caused by rising global temperatures, which is devastating communities in the Global South. 

“Worse yet, rich countries are using blocking tactics and technical tricks, so as to avoid any real discussion about the need for funding to help countries on the frontlines of the climate crisis to rebuild and recover from disasters.” 


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