November 11, 2021

Glasgow 11th November – ActionAid respond to the U.S State Department’s lack of climate leadership at COP26 and the mounting pressure for governments to act on climate finance for loss and damage.

Kelly Stone, Senior Policy Analyst at ActionAid USA, says:

“At COP26, we’re yet again witnessing empty rhetoric from the U.S. government. Despite claims of climate leadership, the U.S. continues to block progress at the UN climate talks by refusing to move forward and accept the need for finance for loss and damage.

“This is not about charity – this is about recognizing the U.S.’s role in creating this crisis and meeting the needs of frontline communities around the world. The U.S. cannot pretend to be a global leader if it continues avoiding its responsibility to support vulnerable communities that had no role in causing the climate crisis.

“The Biden Administration is rightfully attempting to move hundreds of billions of dollars for climate action at home, but this ambition is needed at the international level as well. Real climate justice has global equity at its heart, and the U.S. has a moral responsibility to look beyond its own borders. If the administration fails to make substantial commitments on finance for loss & damage, the United States will be – once again – the ones responsible for blocking progress at the UN climate talks.”

Teresa Anderson, Climate Policy Advisor at ActionAid International, says:

It’s encouraging to see that rich countries are feeling the pressure from their citizens, who are sending the message that they do not want to leave communities on the front lines of the climate crisis to deal with the problem on their own.

“Instead of mouthing words that acknowledge the scale of loss and damage, rich countries need to be willing to actually address the problem with additional dedicated finance.

“Unless COP26 delivers real benefits for the smallholder farmers, indigenous peoples, women and girls who are dealing with cyclones, droughts and floods, then rich countries would have sabotaged this historic opportunity.”


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