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June 11, 2023

Commenting on the delayed adoption of the SB58 due to developing countries’ opposition to a new agenda item on a Mitigation Work Programme, Teresa Anderson, Global Lead on Climate Justice at ActionAid International, said: 

“We all know that the world needs to rapidly move away from fossil fuels if we are to have a chance of meeting the Paris Agreement target to limit global warming to 1.5°C. But ambitious goals require real money. And that’s where the planet’s climate plan is failing. 

Developing countries say they have had enough of being told to cut their emissions when the finance they need to scale up green solutions and cope with climate impacts is still nowhere in sight. After all these years of broken promises, developing countries no longer want to take that leap of faith.

Almost all talk of climate action comes back to the question of the funding to make things happen. If rich countries don’t contribute their fair share of finance and action, then all of this is moot. COP28 negotiations on a range of issues including the Loss and Damage Fund, the new climate finance goal, adaptation, just transition, and the Global Stocktake will need to be backed up with the cash that is so essential to real climate action.”

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