October 13, 2017

1. Students in Uganda campaign to end early marriage

To marry or not to marry? For many girls in Uganda, this choice isn’t theirs to make. More families are taking their daughters out of school and marrying them off in order to collect the dowries as a source of wealth. In Pader District, a rural district in northern Uganda, female students are taking the risk of defying their parents’ wishes and campaigning to end early marriages.

Arthur Larok, ActionAid Uganda Country Director, recently attended the commission of new school facilities in Pader District and encouraged community leaders and members to prioritize education. He said, “Without a good education, there is no community that can transform.”

2. Indian court bans fireworks sales to reduce smog

Tensions are running hot. In an attempt to repeat last year’s smog-induced citywide school shutdown, India’s Supreme Court brought back its temporary ban on fireworks sales in and around the capital city of New Delhi. The decision has drawn sharp criticism from those who sell fireworks for a living and those who want to maintain the tradition of shooting off fireworks when celebrating Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. Some argue that there are other ways to reduce smog, such as addressing illegal crop burning and pollution from vehicles.

The ban is in effect until November 1, after Diwali ends.

3. New dinner series brings refugees and New Yorkers together

Who doesn’t love food? In New York, a dinner series called Displaced Kitchens is providing recently resettled refugees with more than just employment: the “chefugees” prepare a meal of some of their favorite dishes from home and share their stories with their guests, who purchase their tickets in advance.

Launched in response to the increase in explicit xenophobia following Donald Trump’s inauguration, Displaced Kitchens are bringing refugees and New Yorkers to the same table where they can both give and receive.