September 8, 2017

Friday, September 8, 2017

1) 270,000 Rohingya people fled violence in Myanmar

Violence is not the answer. Bangladesh is receiving a heavy influx of Rohingya refugees since violence erupted in neighboring Myanmar on August 25. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees estimates that 270,000 Rohingyas, the majority of whom are women, fled Myanmar in the past two weeks alone.

With a long history of persecution, the Rohingya people are facing renewed violence sparked by an altercation between Rohingya fighters and police forces. Refugees say the military and vigilantes burned down their homes and opened fire on them, while government officials say the Rohingya burned their own homes.

2) Sierra Leone: mudslide survivors rebuild their lives

Recovery is just getting started. A month after torrential rains caused deadly mudslides in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, survivors are working with non-governmental organizations to start putting their lives back together. In addition to getting access to clean water and dry shelter, half a million people will be receiving cholera vaccines to prevent a potential outbreak.

ActionAid Sierra Leone is on the ground delivering emergency supplies and hygiene kits.

3) Liberian women’s rights advocates unite to fight violence against women

There’s strength in numbers. This week 10 organizations in Liberia joined hands to fight sexual violence against women in their country. Among them was ActionAid Liberia. The groups convened to discuss strategies for working together to tackle violence against women and increase national consciousness about the challenges women face.