February 3, 2017

Friday, February 3, 2017

Muslim ban leaves 26,000 refugees in limbo

Up to 26,000 refugees are stranded in Kenya following Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. Half of them had already been cleared for travel to the US, including hundreds of Somalis who have waited seven to 10 years for resettlement and now fear that they will have to return to their country.

Thai grandmas protect community from gold mining     

They’re not your average grandmas. In Thailand, a group of environmental activists is marching 300 miles to protest mining activity in their villages. After leaked cyanide polluted their main water source, people got rashes and even became paralyzed. Weavers by trade, the women are making scarves to fund their protest and cover transportation and legal fees.

Indian scientists combat climate change with new carbon capture method

Eureka! Scientists in India have found a way to capture greenhouse gases at half the cost of existing methods. Instead of capturing carbon emissions and storing them in the ground, as is the case with other technologies, this new method converts captured emissions into soda ash, which is used to make things like baking soda and glass. The scientists say it could save 60,000 tons of carbon emissions a year.