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August 11, 2017

Friday, August 11, 2017

Incumbent wins Kenya’s presidential election amid protests against fraud

And we have a winner. Uhuru Kenyatta is set to start his second term as President of Kenya after final results were announced on Friday. His victory comes amid protests against alleged fraud, sparked by opposition candidate Raila Odinga’s claims that the polls were rigged. Odinga has refused to concede defeat.

Nepal outlaws isolation of menstruating women

Traditions are hard to break. The Nepalese parliament is giving it a shot with their new ban on an ancient custom that isolates women during their period and after childbirth. Forced to stay in “menstrual sheds” that are usually too low for a person to stand upright, women face greater exposure to rape, attacks by snakes and tigers, and extreme cold.

Going into effect a year from now, the new law runs up against long-held beliefs that both lawmakers and advocates know will be hard to change.

Engineers turn CO2 to fish food as a possible way to fight climate change

Will fish food solve climate change? Probably not, but it might help. Engineers in Norway are testing a new method of capturing carbon dioxide, a major cause of climate change: They’re using the greenhouse gas to grow algae that can feed fish and that is also rich in omega-3, a vital nutrient for humans.

With 2016 making headlines for being the hottest year on record, efforts to curb rising temperatures are crucial to fighting climate change. The challenge is to make sure they can be sustained over time.