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May 26, 2017

Radio show for the Miskito in Nicaragua tackles women’s rights

Hearts and minds are slowly changing among the Miskito people in Nicaragua regarding women’s rights, thanks to a radio station addressing domestic violence, reproductive rights, human trafficking, and other issues affecting women. Run by an indigenous rights group, the hour-long radio show is gaining traction even among men and moving some of the married men to start treating their wives with more respect.

Protest camp in West Bank is dismantled within a week

Last week activists set up a protest camp in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, in the village of Sarura, from which Palestinians were evicted in the 1990s. Set up by a coalition of Palestinian, Israeli, and Jewish Diaspora groups, the demonstration included workshops on nonviolent resistance and aimed to bring evicted families back to their homes. Last Saturday Israeli forces raided the camp – and returned Thursday to clear out remaining tents. The activists said they will come back nonetheless to continue the protest.

Amman plans to work with youth and refugees to boost economy

Making up nearly half of Jordan’s total population, the city of Amman is rolling out a new strategy to employ its youth and assist refugees. Besides joining a network of “resilient cities” that help each other address issues like climate change, the initiative aims to support young people in their job search and in developing green technologies, while also providing refugees, who make up 10% of Amman’s population, with resources for housing and registering businesses.