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January 19, 2017

State of Emergency declared in The Gambia as President refuses to leave

Adama Barrow, the winner of The Gambia’s disputed election, was sworn in as president at a ceremony in the Senegalese capital, Dakar. Barrow took the oath at the Gambian embassy, watched by Western ambassadors to Senegal, while hundreds of Gambian expats gathered outside the compound.

His predecessor, Yahya Jammeh, who rose to power in a bloodless coup 22 years ago, is refusing to step aside. West African leaders have encouraged Jammeh to leave the country, and troops from Senegal and Nigeria are poised to intervene. At least 26,000 Gambians have sought refuge in Senegal, fearing violence.

Obama administration cuts $500m check to Green Climate Fund

In a week of many last-minute announcements from the Obama administration as they are headed towards the door, the State Department announced on Tuesday a $500 million payment to the Green Climate Fund.

The fund is designed to provide money to support communities around the world to adapt to the changing climate and is supposed to mobilize $100 billion by 2020. While this payment is welcome, it falls far short of what the U.S. and other rich countries should be paying to tackle a climate crisis caused by their emissions.

Young Anti-Trafficking Activists in India Win Bravery Awards

Shivani Gond and Tejasweeta Pradhan will receive national bravery awards for helping to dismantle a human trafficking ring. As part of an anti-trafficking operation, the young women befriended traffickers and had them arrested by the police.