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October 27, 2020

We are one week away from one of the most consequential elections in our history.

As flawed and exclusive as our electoral process is, there are concrete ways each of us can still act, right now and in the coming weeks. It’s especially important to understand that, because of the pandemic, we may not know the results of the election on the evening of November 3. Every vote must be counted, and that process may take days or even weeks. Politicians and the media might try to prematurely call the outcome, but we need to make sure the election is free, fair, and inclusive.

Here are resources we’ve found most useful in order to fully participate in our democracy:

Get Ready

  • Know Your Rights: Brush up on your voting rights knowledge with this guide by the American Civil Liberties Union.
  • Hold the Line: Learn what you and your community can do to defend democracy.
  • Preparing for Post-Election Scenarios: Access a list of resources and trainings to connect with others and be prepared for potentially unclear outcomes on and after Election Day.
  • Seek out local activist organizations in your area and get plugged in! Many groups are holding virtual trainings on everything from poll watching to various skills needed to organize and hit the streets (de-escalation, digital security, and more).

Show Up

  • Power the Polls: Staff a polling place in your community.
  • The Frontline and Protect the Results: Get plugged in to take action in case the election results are contested. We’ll need all hands on deck to buy time to make sure every vote is counted.

Read & Reflect

  • Read: “We’re not alone: lessons on democracy and authoritarianism from the rest of world”
  • Read: “A pivotal moment for the United States: my reflections from growing up during a civil war”
  • Read: “Street protest might be what saves our democracy”
Note: ActionAid USA is a nonpartisan organization and is not directly associated with the information provided under Get Ready and Show Up.