Congress: fight hunger, support family farmers!

Shani Bakari Hassan a rice farmer, sifts through her harvest before storing it at the centre, Kibokwa irrigation scheme, Zanzibar, Tanzania. Photo: Allan Gichigi/ActionAid

There is enough food in the world to feed everyone, yet more and more people are going to bed hungry every night. To end hunger on a global scale, we need solutions that will work for the long haul.

Over the past decade, an initiative called the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program has invested $1.5 million in supporting the workers who grow most of the world’s food: small-scale, family farmers. More than 10 million farmers in more than 40 countries have participated in the program. While activities look different from country to country, what ties them all together is the commitment to connect family farmers with the resources they need to adapt to climate change.

Now the program is entering a new phase to increase its impact, and we need to make sure rich governments continue to fund it. This is where you come in. Tell Congress to fund the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program!