ActionAid USA Toolkit for Supporter Fundraising

ActionAid’s impact lies in its mission to support local action and community leaders. We believe that power comes from the people. Following this belief, we aim to provide the tools necessary so that all people (including you!) can achieve the changes they want to see in their communities and in the world. By organizing and… read more

    ActionAid International Strategy 2028: Action for Global Justice

    ActionAid International presents its vision and strategy over the next decade to achieve social justice and equality and to eradicate poverty.

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    • Date Published July 31, 2017
    • Number of Pages 40
    Building Back Better? The Caracol Industrial Park And Post-Earthquake Aid to Haiti

    Download publication Author Kysseline Jean-Mary Chérestal Date published January 8, 2015 Number of pages 24 Five years after the earthquake, a report from international aid agency ActionAid reveals how a US-backed industrial park, paid for with disaster relief funding, has evicted food-producing farmers from their land in Haiti. This report shows how more than US$170 million… read more

      The Role of the Tenure Guidelines in Securing Land Tenure for Poor And Disenfranchised Communities in Haiti

      Download publication Author Kysseline Cherestal Date published March 24, 2014 Number of pages 3 In Haiti, land tenure insecurity remains one of the biggest obstacles to reconstruction and development. Land in Haiti is widely held under customary norms. But even with legal title, a corrupt, inefficient, and expensive land governance system has proven incapable of… read more

        Compilation of Public Statements: Four Years After Haiti’s Devastating Earthquake Haitian and US Organizations React

        Download publication Date published January 9, 2014 Number of pages 37 read more