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Why Assessing Progress in Haiti Act is Important

One of the better tools to achieve accountability and transparency, the Assessing Progress in Haiti Act will, among other requirements:

  • Examine carefully how obligated funds have been used by USAID and its implementing partners at both the prime and subprime levels;
  • Detail existing goals and quantitative and qualitative indicators that USAID is applying at the program level;
  • Assess how the Department of State and USAID are working with Haitian authorities and consulting Haitian grassroots organizations in the design and implementation of aid programs;
  • Assess efforts to include the Haitian private sector in recovery and development programs;
  • Assess whether vulnerable populations, including Internally Displaced Populations, women, children, orphans and persons with disabilities have been taken into account in the design and implementation of new programs;
  • Assess how USAID programs are impacting the livelihoods of smallholder farmers who are crucial to Haiti’s economy;
  • Examine the U.S. government’s efforts to address Haiti’s deadly cholera epidemic.

The legislation also recognizes the important role the Haitian Diaspora plays in Haiti’s reconstruction: “The Haitian Diaspora has also played an essential role in Haiti's reconstruction and the U.S. Government should take steps to increase outreach and encourage participation by Haitian Americans in recovery and development activities in Haiti.”