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Climate Change

Climate change is one of the greatest obstacles to ending poverty and one of the gravest global justice challenges of our time. Poor countries, despite the fact that they had little to no role in causing the climate crisis, are hit hardest by its effects.  

ActionAid works on the ground to support poor communities to adapt and build resilience to climate impacts, such as increasingly severe floods and droughts, more intense extreme weather events, and ‘slow-onset’ effects like sea level rise and increasing soil salinity. We also challenge policymakers at the local, national, and international levels to act, with urgency, to tackle this crisis that threatens the lives and livelihoods of poor people – in particular by providing badly needed funding to help poor communities adapt to climate impacts. 

The high temperatures, droughts, and extreme weather events that the world has experienced in recent years – from droughts in both East and West Africa to floods in India to Hurricane Sandy here at home – are at least partly climate-included, and are a foreshadowing of things to come if we fail to address climate crisis proactively. If not urgently addressed, climate change is likely to place millions of more people at risk of increased hunger, disease and disasters. A growing body of evidence paints a picture of falling crop yields, decreasing access to water, the degradation of many ecosystems, and an increase in diseases such as malaria, because of climate change.

Thankfully, we have the tools to combat this crisis. The solution to the climate crisis lies in urgently reducing greenhouse gas emissions and working with poor communities to reduce their vulnerability to climate change. Rich countries bear the responsibility for causing the climate crisis and have the resources to deal with it, and thus have a moral obligation to provide the needed resources for adaptation and mitigation efforts in poor countries, in addition to cutting their own greenhouse gas emissions.

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